Maiza Hameed Gujjar

Women Reserve Seat
W-310 Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz
In Pakistan today, politics is the hub of corruption and deception. It offers nothing but disillusionment and apathy to the masses. So it is pleasantly refreshing when a politician offers charm, beauty and sex appeal without asking for anything in return. These caps are of Ms. Maiza Hameed, the burgeoning (in more ways than one) MPA of the PML(N), in the Punjab Assembly. This young beauty is the director, no less, of Rose Travels, located on Jail Road, Lahore.In recent days, the PML(Q) has put up Marvi Memon as a replacement for Kashmala Tariq, after the latter tore off to lead the forward block of her crumbling party. In reply, the PML(N) have come up with a heavyweight contender of their own. This nubile beauty of titanic proportions and promising talents has clobbered her competition.
Maiza has all the accoutrements of a bewitching babe. The lustrous mane of dark hair complements her classic oval face. Her warm, sparkling amber-colored eyes are framed with dark arching brows. The high cheekbones allow her tiny, pierced button-nose to sit proudly between plush spheres of youthful cheeks, which have yet to shed their baby phat. When her large crimson lips are pursed together, they form the loveliest of rosebuds. All this and her nubile charm and unaffected manner puts her in the top of her league.
But the most enchanting aspect of her beauty has got to be her tits. They are gigantic. Enormous. Truly splendiferous. You can’t help but turn into that cartoon wolf whose eyes pop out, tongue drops to the floor and heart starts beating out of his chest like a trip hammer. The tits are round, firm and “fat”, like the Penthouse Pet Amy Lynn Baxter used to describe her own pair.In this appearance on TV-One show Burning Issues (dated August 30th, 2008), she seems to be wearing a padded bra. The cups are obviously not padded enough, because we can clearly make a case of nipping. Right in the center of her large, luscious orb, you can observe a round nubbin. There is considerable kaaj work on the shirt, but right where the fat nipple has decided to poke it’s head out, there is none. Where a casual observer might miss it, or confuse it with embroidery, we recognize and salute the very gorgeous rebellious protrusion.
The location of the nipple (higher up) also gives us a fair indication of the firmness and supple nature of the breast tissue. In layman terms, the tits be blessed with the trappings of youth. The area of concern has been isolated and blown up 300% for closer inspection by connoisseurs.
As for her political acumen, one can’t say for sure just yet. She seems earnest and appears confident and dedicated. However, she seems to lack the slick political guile and aptitude for lies and duplicity that unfortunately has come to determines political success in today’s Pakistan. That’s good news for potential suitors, but bad news for our Machiavellian masters.


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