Rila Fukushima

Another Japanese actress to get her first big role in Wolverine, Fukushima played Yukio, a mutant and ally of Logan, the Wolverine. Although this was her first major role, she had plenty of work in front of the camera prior to this. As a model, she worked in front of a camera for a number of clients, including D&G. She also spent some time in front of a video camera, appearing in music videos by artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Ben Taylor.

Tao Okamoto

Best known as a model and the face of Ralph Lauren, as well as having worked for Tommy Hilfiger, D&G and Gap previously, Okamoto made her film debut in the 2013 movie Wolverine, opposite Hugh Jackman, as his ally and granddaughter of his enemy.

Iriko Hatsune

Playing the long lost love interest in the movie Emperor, opposite Matthew Fox and Tommy Lee Jones, Hatsune made her debut on the international stage in 2012. She has acted in movies and television series in her native Japan since 1999, and is poised to be successful on the world stage